X2 Racelink Pro mylaps #10C010

1,850.00 exc. vat

The MYLAPS X2 Racelink Pro as used by most major racing series in the world.
Make sure to choose car or bike usage before you order.



X2 Pro Transponder mylaps #10R201

The official MYLAPS timekeeping Transponder as used in most high level racing series.


Once an X2 Racelink Pro device is installed in the car or bike, a wide variety of possibilities opens up. It enables Race Control to communicate wirelessly between Race Control, Marshal Posts and racers on the track through radio frequency.

The X2 Racelink Pro is the on-board component of the MYLAPS X2 Race Control system. It enables race control to sent on-board marshalling signals. Organizers and broadcasters get to stream live CAN data over RF. The Racelink Pro also allows live tracking off all vehicles.

X2 Racelink Pro features

  • Motorsport track positioning and on-board marshalling for the MYLAPS X2 System
  • Monitor position and speed with a plug and play device
  • CAN bus connection for third party equipment connection
  • Up to 80 CAN messages per second telemetry (640 Bytes/sec data)
  • 8 channel CAN message filtering on latest or changed value
  • Up to 8h back-up battery life when connected to the 12V of your vehicle
  • External antenna for GNSS and RF needed
  • Bluetooth mode for wireless firmware updates, settings and diagnostics

Typical application

  • Track mapping
  • Marshalling
  • Speed measurement / enforcement
  • Telemetry

Additional information

Use on

Bike MYLAPS #10C010/B, Car MYLAPS #10C010/C