X2 Racelink Club (no cabling)

580.00 exc. vat

Full track flagging device ‘Racelink Club’ without cabling. Works with the X2 (Base)Link RF system from MYLAPS.


Frequently bought together

X2 Link – GPS Antenna

High quality active GPS antenne compatible with the MYLAPS X2 Racelink Pro and X2 Racelink Club

This antenna can also be used with the X2 Pro Decoder to synchronise the Decoder to GPS/UTC time.



  • Motorsport track positioning and on-board marshalling for the MYLAPS X2 System
  • Monitor position and speed with a plug and play device
  • Build inn LED bar for on board flagging
  • 16h battery life or connect directly to the 12V of your vehicle
  • 34 position charger case available
  • Bluetooth mode for wireless firmware updates, settings and diagnostics

Typical application

  • Track mapping
  • Marshalling
  • Speed measurement / enforcement

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg

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