X2 Race Control Manager

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X2 Race Control Manager software from MYLAPS



The X2 Race Control Manager application for windows works with the X2 Link Server from MYLAPS. It connects to the X2 Link Server API and makes diagnostics on the track positioning system available. A track setup wizard lets you create a trackmap in minutes with help of a drawing tool on top of Google maps. The X2 Race Control Manager application also features an easy to use Track map showing the position of all X2 link devices on the track. It enables on-board and trackside Marshalling with live updates on the flag status of each competitor with timestamped log files on multiple sectors on the track. With the replay files it is possible to review and tackle each marshalling discussion after a race incident. A complete Race Control incident log can be entered and reviewed.

This software comes in 3 versions:

  1. X2 Race Control Setup to manage your X2 Link setup (free)
  2. X2 Race Control Manager to manage your Race Control (yearly fee)
  3. X2 Race Control Manager Pro to manage your Advanced Track Management features (yearly fee)


  • Track setup wizard
    • Draw on top of Google maps
    • Edit different track layouts
    • Add text as information
    • Import GPX files
    • Create flag sectors
    • Place GEO Trigger line
  • Setup and configure
    • Heatmap for coverage diagnostics
    • Setup Baselinks
    • Setup LED panels
  • Registration page
    • Import and export CSV files
    • List of available and active Racelinks
  • Track position mapping
    • Change marker vehicle types, sizes, shapes and color
    • Follow competitor option
  • Track map layers
    • Track
    • Track segments
    • Track information
    • X2 Base station locations
    • LED panel locations
    • Google maps
  • Diagnostics on X2 Link setup
    • Set bandwidth to 64, 128, 256 or 512 Racelinks mode
    • Received signal strength per competitor at lap distance
    • Track coverage per X2 Baselink
  • Diagnostics on Racelinks
    • Set active and idle Racelinks
    • GPS performance
    • Coverage percentage
    • Average Received Signal Strength
    • Connected Voltage
    • Battery percentage
    • Temperature
    • Link usages percentage
    • Speed information
  • Marshalling
    • Full track flagging
    • Sectional flagging
    • Individual flagging
    • Touchscreen friendly user interface
    • Racecontrol activities in timestamped log
  • CAN messages per competitor
  • Record and replay sessions
  • Dockable windows
  • Main and back up connection to X2 Link Server possible
  • Local weather information from OpenWeather