X2 Race Control CCTV add on

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Stay ahead of danger with X2 Race Control CCTV add on.


CCTV switching



No more manually switching and following camera streams but seamless and efficient automated CCTV switching experience. Lower the level of skills needed for your track personnel by using CCTV switching based on alerts generated by the X2 Race Control System. Keep your track and drivers safe with this powerful addition to your existing X2 Race Control Manager software.

The X2 Race Control Manager CCTV add-on module creates a correlation between the X2 RaceLink’s location on the track and the individual camera’s field of view. This means that when an incident occurs, the CCTV module automatically switches to the camera that provides the clearest view of the incident location, improving response time and enhancing the safety of all involved.

It generates alerts about unexpected track behaviour and helps visualise them in a clear and efficient manner. The CCTV module is also highly customisable. Decide which alerts to receive, which cameras should be displayed on the spot monitor, and which X2 RaceLink’s should be followed, for example in case of a suspected technical problem with a car or unsportsmanlike conduct.

The add-on module further improves real-time track monitoring, helping to identify potential safety hazards and the right steps to mitigate them. This includes monitoring track and vehicle conditions during track activity, ensuring that safety protocols are being followed, and identifying and addressing any dangerous behavior on the track.

The X2 Race Control Manager CCTV add-on application is compatible with CCTV equipment from AXISHIKvision and Blackmagic. Most CCTV IP camera’s that support RTSP can be used with our software based CCTV decoder build in the X2 Race Control Manager CCTV add-on.

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