X2 Pro Server

7,700.00 exc. vat

The heart of the X2 Timing & Data acquisition system, in a 19″ rack form factor, that connects all data coming from the track to the application software.

Frequently bought together

X2 BaseLink

Connect 1 or more Baselinks to an X2 Server via a POE (Power Over Ethernet) connection to create full track RF coverage.

X2 Link Manager standard edition

Price is for a perpetual single seat license.

X2 Server RF manager: Trackmap, Speed, & CAN monitoring.

X2 Pro Decoder

Accurate timing and loop beacon signal for 1 time line on the track


The X2 Pro Server enables up to 1/10.000 Second timing and 2 way Loop communication with X2 Pro Decoders Trackside and X2 Pro Transponders in-car.

The X2 Pro Server enables track positioning and up to 100 CAN messages per second per competitor via RF communication with X2 Baselinks.

The X2 Pro Server comes with the X2 Manager application to setup the complete X2 system and run diagnostics on system performance.

The X2 Pro Server also comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable the development of custom made software applications on the timing and data acquisition system.