X2 Pro Decoder mylaps #15R090

4,785.00 exc. vat

Accurate timing and loop beacon signal for 1 time line on the track



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Trackside housing for MYLAPS Pro decoders

Easily install an X2 Pro Decoder at a Timeline with the help of this portable and weatherproof  trackside housing.

Pro Detection Loop mylaps #30R078

Pro Detection loop wiring for track width up to 20m with 23 meters of thin 3mm coax cable for equipment connection.


The MYLAPS X2 Pro Decoder is used by many professional racing series in the world. When used for timekeeping it receives MYLAPS transponders from a Timing Loop and sent the transponder ID and passing time over a TCPIP connection to an X2 Pro Server.

From the X2 Server Pro server messages can also be sent back to the X2 Pro Decoder which will deliver the message to any  X2 Pro Transponder passing the timing loop.

When used without an X2 Server, the X2 Pro Decoder can only sent ‘loop beacon’ messages to X2 Pro Transponders. This is very usefull to enhance the track position accuracy of data logging systems, for example during private testing.