Complete MYLAPS X2 Pro timekeeping system

From: 7,700.00 exc. vat

The state of the art MYLAPS X2 Pro system that is used by all major racing series in the world. Choose the number of timelines and transponders to get total price.

X2 Pro Server

The heart of the X2 Timing & Data acquisition system, in a 19" rack form factor, that connects all data coming from the track to the application software.

7,700.00 exc. vat each

X2 Pro Decoder

Accurate timing and loop beacon signal for 1 time line on the track

4,440.00 exc. vat each

Weatherproof housing

Easily install an X2 Pro Decoder at a Timeline with the help of this portable and weatherproof  housing.

480.00 exc. vat each

4 in stock

X2 Pro Transponder

The official timekeeping Transponder for most high level racing series.

990.00 exc. vat each

Timing Loop wiring (permanent installation)

Permanent Pro Timing loop wiring for track width up to 20m with 3 meters of coax extension for equipment connection.

160.00 exc. vat each

Orbits5 Timing Software Standard (max. 5 timelines)

The worldwide standard in timekeeping software.

2,725.00 exc. vat each