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Extended on-board flagging possibilities with the MYLAPS X2 Racelink Club or Pro devices.


The T-Dash is a value adding dashboard to the MYLAPS Racelink Club and Racelink Pro. It enables performance feedback to the driver and extended marshalling possibilities for Racecontrol as well as diagnostics on the Racelink device.

Sent any, of an extensive set of on-board flags, to drivers with help of this full color OLED display. The dash is especially developed to work plug&play with the MYLAPS Racelink Pro or Racelink Club devices.



  • 51 x 13mm high contrast full color OLED display
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • CAN bus for plug & play connection with X2 Racelink Pro or Club
  • Firmware updates via Bluetooth
  • Auto rotate display and buttons for right or left cable connection
  • Compatible with Racelink Pro & Club