From: 6,940.00 exc. vat

The state of the art MYLAPS X2 Link club race control system. Configure your complete system below.

X2 Link Server

The beating heart of X2 Race Control. All components are connected to and controlled from this core device.

X2 Race Control Manager Software

Price is for a perpetual single seat license.

X2 Server RF manager: Trackmap, Speed, & CAN monitoring.

2,990.00 exc. vat each

X2 BaseLink

Connect 1 or more Baselinks to an X2 Server via a POE (Power Over Ethernet) connection to create full track RF coverage.

1,260.00 exc. vat each

34 X2 RaceLinks Club in Charger Case

Charger Case with 34 times the  X2 RaceLink Club. Comes with power adapter.

X2 Racelink Club package

Full track flagging device 'Racelink Club' with all cabling and antennes needed. Works with the X2 (Base)Link RF system from MYLAPS.

Additional information

X2 Link Server

Racing Type

Club, Pro

X2 Racelink Club package

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