Race Management

Get in control!

Enhance marshalling, race control and teams information screens with X2 Link. X2 Link is fully integrated with the MYLAPS timing system and can be used together with the Transponder system.

X2 Link system:

The easy to use X2 Link Manager software connects to an X2 Server and features a Track map showing the position, speed and diagnostics of all X2 Racelink devices on the track. Get full track coverage with, on average 5-6 X2 Baselinks installed on a track (Kart tracks normally only need 1) and connected to the X2 Server via LAN. Get up to 100 CAN messages per second from third party equipment at each competitor via the X2 Pro Server and with X2 Racelink Pro devices installed on the vehicles. Use the build inn LED bar indicator for on-board marshalling with X2 Racelink Club devices installed on the vehicles. For track days, Rallying and endurance races the very rugged rechargeable X2 Racelink GPS devices are a cost effective solution.

Finally there is a feasible ‘off the shelf’ solution to get your race under control!

Racelink product range function map
Racelink GPS Racelink Club Racelink Pro
GNSS Tracking 5Hz 5Hz 10Hz
Speed measurement
Internal antennas
External antennas (SMA)
Battery life 16h 16h 8h
Rechargeable use
External power option
External LED bar option
Build inn LED bar
LED bar auto brightness
CAN bus configuration
GNSS Triggers* Future use Future use Future use
G-force sensor** Future use Future use Future use
Personal charger
Gang charger
Connector Charge pins M8 sensor 4p Deutsch ASU003-05PN
Weight 85g 110g 85g
Measurements 75x50x24 80x48x24 75x45x24
Pricing Contact us € 580.00 € 1,580.00

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