Race Control

Finally there is a feasible ‘off the shelf’ solution to get your race under control!

Enhance marshalling, Race Control and teams information screens withMYLAPS X2 Race Control. X2 Race Control is fully integrated with the MYLAPS timing system. it uses real time data to and from competitors to improve your Race Control.

X2 Race Control system:

The easy to use X2 Race Control Manager software connects to an X2 Link Server. It features a Track map showing the position, speed and diagnostics on all X2 Racelink devices on the track. A Baselink is the Receiver that is placed trackside. Get full track coverage with, on average, 5-6 X2 Baselinks connected to the X2 Link Server via LAN. Kart tracks normally only need 1 Baselink. The X2 Link Pro Server and the X2 Racelink Pro enable receiving up to 100 messages per second per competitor. The X2 Racelink Club uses a build inn LED bar for on-board marshalling. For track days, Rallying and endurance races the very rugged rechargeable X2 Racelink GPS devices are a cost effective solution.

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Connected to a MYLAPS X2 Racelink the T DASH by TMS Products offers:

On-board Marshalling, GPS Laptimer, Speedometer and Racelink Diagnostics functionality.